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The construction of industrial Internet "5G" application demonstration site is advancing in Siling Co., Ltd.

On June 11, 2019, the three-day Shaoxing “5G+” application promotion and industrial Internet deepening construction promotion event was grandly opened at the main hall of Shaoxing Olympic Sports Center.

Mr. Jiang Ling, chairman of the company, signed the "5G+ Application Strategic Cooperation Agreement" with Shaoxing China Unicom on behalf of the company.

On June 13, Shaoxing China Unicom's "5G+" pilot work was officially launched in the company. This pilot work was carried out based on the "TOMAN-E intelligent manufacturing system" and used the "5G+" network as a transmission tool to collect real-time data from workers during the equipment production process. , materials, equipment, process parameters and other data. Compared with traditional WIFI networks, 5G networks have the advantages of fast transmission speed, large network capacity, and low latency, and are more in line with the company's development needs.

Siling will continue to promote the construction of 5G application ecosystem and make contributions to 5G industrial applications.