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Prevent fires and protect lives

On the afternoon of August 29, 2019, the company held fire protection knowledge training and building fire escape drills, and invited instructors from the Meizhu Town Fire Station to provide guidance throughout the process.

Before the drill began, Team Wang from the Meizhu Town Fire Brigade conducted basic firefighting knowledge training for everyone. They explained practical steps and precautions on dry powder fire extinguishers and what kind of fire extinguishing equipment should be used for oily fires. Later, as the smoke from the drill spread, everyone experienced the real feeling of fire escape and went to the designated gathering place after escaping. Use fire extinguishers and fire hydrants to successfully put out the fire at the assembly point, allowing everyone to learn fire protection knowledge immersively from theory to practice, and at the same time feel the importance of fire safety.

It is the first time for a considerable number of people to experience and participate in fire fighting and building fire escape at close range on site. During the entire drill, employees from all departments actively cooperated to successfully complete the fire-fighting drill and achieve good fire safety publicity effects.

Safety is no small matter. Through this drill, we should establish the concept of "preventing fires before they happen" and a strong awareness of fire safety, consciously abide by fire regulations, actively implement various fire prevention measures, and strive to prevent fires from occurring while also doing a good job in putting out fires. Fire emergency preparedness integrates fire prevention and fire extinguishing to avoid and reduce the loss of life and property caused by fire.

Fire safety work is a long-term task. Only when all employees care and actively participate, continuously strengthen their awareness of fire safety responsibilities, and enhance their overall ability to resist fires can a good fire safety operation mechanism be formed and jointly create good fire safety in the factory area. environment.