Dynamical System

Dynamical System

power system

Power System

Power system products include: automobile engine timing system tensioners, idlers, accessory tensioners, and one-way pulleys.

Product Type

Tensioning Wheel

Install a tensioning wheel on the loose edge of the synchronous belt to adjust the tightness of the belt to avoid slippage, wear and noise, and make the transmission system stable, safe and reliable.

Timing Tightening Wheel

Since the timing belt will be stretched and deformed during use, causing the belt to jump and cause the valve system to malfunction, the timing tensioner can automatically adjust the tension angle according to the changes in the belt, so that the belt can always maintain the appropriate tension. Make sure the timing system is working properly.

Attachment Tensioner

Due to the different speed ratios of the gear train units in the accessory system of the automobile engine, it is necessary to automatically adjust the tension of the transmission belt through the accessory tensioner to ensure that the belt works smoothly and the gear trains of each unit work in a coordinated manner.

Idler Bearing

In order to adjust the length of each belt section in the engine gear train, adding an idler wheel in the middle of the working wheel can make the belt run more smoothly.

Unidirectional Pulley

When the engine is at a constant speed and accelerating, the pulley drives the inner ring to operate normally, which in turn drives the main shaft of the generator to work. When the generator decelerates, the outer ring and inner ring of the pulley slip relative to each other, achieving an override function, and the main shaft of the generator will not run in reverse. , making the generator work more efficiently.

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