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Safety is the guarantee of happiness

June is the National Safety Production Month, and all enterprises and institutions have carried out different forms of "safety production" themed activities. On June 10, Siling held a production safety month themed activity and a production safety training meeting for all employees in the company's multi-functional hall.

This training invited Shaoxing safety expert Mr. Yuan Jianfeng to give a special training. The training was divided into four sessions and a total of 650 people were trained. This training mainly focuses on "preventing risks, eliminating hidden dangers, and containing accidents". Through the actual safety hazards in the workshop, we can cite a large number of facts to point out the crux of the problem and guide us on how to improve and how to prevent risks at work. The important thing is to be good at discovering problems, solving them in their bud, and curbing major accidents. happened.

Everyone knows the harm caused by unsafe incidents, but in daily work they are often ignored, paralyzed, and replaced by a sense of luck. It is often not until an accident does occur and losses are caused that we will turn around and be alert. This is caused by not putting safety work first, and the bottleneck of doing a good job in prevention is to pay more attention to this work. In our work, we should use safety rules and regulations as a guarantee and strictly implement them. Implement and eliminate habitual violations at work.

Whether they are front-line employees or managers, they should have a full understanding of the risk factors that may be involved in their positions and departments. Whether they are personnel in high-risk positions or other personnel, they should receive relevant safety education and training on a regular basis. As the saying goes: "Safety is a rope, holding millions of people; safety is a thread, connecting loved ones." When you go out to work, a pair of expectant eyes silently pray for you: "Be sure to pay attention to safety! "When you come home from get off work, a table of delicious meals is waiting for your safe return.

Safe production is the common wish of each of us. Safety is happiness. Only with the safety of life can we obtain happiness in life. Safety is for ourselves, safety is for our family, safety is for the enterprise, safety is for society, safety is for you, me and him. Maybe you think this is an ordinary thing, but if your loved ones can't see you coming home or hear your familiar voice, all happiness and promises will come to an abrupt end in an instant.

Let us keep in mind the most popular slogan "Everyone is responsible for production safety."