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Secretary of the County Party Committee investigates the digital reform work of Sling Business Department II

On the afternoon of April 14, Li Ning, Secretary of the County Party Committee, led the heads of the Development and Reform Bureau, the Economic and Information Bureau, the Science and Technology Bureau, and the Big Data Management Center to Sling Co., Ltd. to conduct "digital reform research work" to gain an in-depth understanding of our company's digital application work. Chairman Jiang and General Manager of the Second Business Department Li Jinpeng accompanied the whole process.
After Secretary Li and his party arrived, Director Jiang first accompanied the leaders to go deep into the workshop to learn about the production and application of digital workshops, and reported on some specific results achieved by the company after carrying out digital construction.

At the subsequent symposium, Mr. Li introduced in detail the development of the company's informatization. Since the company started project cooperation with Zhejiang Toman Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd. on July 27, 2015, it has completed more than 800 equipment network transformations and enterprise Digital transformation and digital services have also been gradually upgraded from a single offline model at the beginning of the period to an online platform service model. Through the in-depth application of TOMAN-e micro-intelligent manufacturing system and application APP, the perfect integration of automation transformation and digital transformation has been achieved, helping enterprises to complete The transformation and upgrading from "experience management" to "data management" has established a new digital decision-making management model that "uses data to discover problems, analyze problems, and improve problems", allowing data to travel more and employees to do less errands, and the organizational structure is more Flat. After three digital transformations of the factory area, the company's production efficiency has been significantly improved, on-site management has become more transparent, production progress is displayed in real time, employee responsibilities have become clearer, and the company's digital management confidence has become deeper.