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        SLING , founded in 2004, is an integrated automotive bearing manufacturer of R &D, design and manufacturing, which has years of experience in O.E. market and aftermarket in the automotive field. The total employees are more than 1200. Our products include: the first generation wheel bearing, the second & third generation wheel hub unit, the tapered roller bearings, the clutch release bearing, the tensioner & idler bearing and customized bearings more than 3000 varieties. Not only we cooperate with the universities, but also we develop the professional automobile grease for the wheel bearing together with the Sinopec. At the same time, we cooperate with the well-known steel factories and develop 'SLING enterprise standard bearing steel'.

Our company has passed IATF16949:2016 quality management system certification, and the quality audit of the second party coming from a number of well-known host suppliers.


        Our company has advanced equipments: the salt bath quenching and numerical control high frequency profiling quenching to improve the performance of materials, CNC machining center and the composite grinding of the multi surface to ensure the consistency of the size, inner and outer circle grinding contact line, automatic assembly line linking to improve the stability of the production system.


        High-precision testing instruments: metallographic microscope, contour instrument, length measuring instrument, projector, hardness tester, etc directly to serve the production site and ensure the unitarity of the product size, shape and performance.


        All performance testers: the live operation simulation tester, mud tester, torque tester, rigidity tester,etc,to test various performance of bearings,and with the experimental results,to verify and continue to promote the improvement of the quality of the products.

Professional Automobile Bearing Manufacturer


        Being a professional automobile bearing manufacturer and an automobile bearing powerhouse in China, we are well equipped with professional R&D center and laboratory center, domestic leading automatic grinding & assembling lines, and internationally synchronizing detection instruments, and always follow our business philosophy of best products and best service as evidenced in our continuous improvement and scientific management practice in order to offer our industrial customers systematic solutions. Strategically aiming to build professional teams, offer first rate products and create a centennial business, we are committed to building 'SLING' brand and making it the most influential national brand in automobile bearings.